Vision, Mission & Value

Our mission is to help the lost Vietnamese in the Metroplex to be saved, then help them to live a fulfilled, fruitful and joyful life as a devoted follower of Christ and finally, to realize the full potential as a servant of Christ.


High accountability for church membership and leadership: We believe that church members and leaders must ultimately be accountable to God in living a holy and faithful Christian life. Furthermore God has appointed spiritual leaders to hold those under their care being accountable to them.

High spiritual standard for leadership: We believe that the quality spiritual leadership is the key to a healthy vibrant church. The spiritual leaders must meet the high Biblical standard of leadership which is outlined in I Timothy and Titus: “Furthermore he must go through the discipleship process himself and had already disciple others.”

Quality ministry: We will strive for quality ministry. We believe in starting a ministry only when there is a qualified person in charge. We believe in doing fewer things but of good quality rather than doing many things but shoddy.

Strong Biblical family foundation: We believe that healthy Christians requires a healthy family foundation. We believe that the Bible provides the ultimate instruction for creating a good family model. We believe the church must give biblical instruction to build godly family.

Caring and loving environment: We believe that a caring and loving environment is prerequisite for a growing healthy church. The church will do the utmost to encourage trust and love and care for each other.

Bible uphold as the authority for truth: We believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. The Bible is the guide for Christian living. We believe that each believer must understand the whole truth of the Bible.

Strong commitment to the local church: We believe that the local church is a part of the visible body of Christ. We believe that each member must have the highest commitment to the ministry of the local church before he can commit to other causes.

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